Monday, February 1, 2016

Cottage Mugs

Hello All!

How about switching it up this week...
from tea cups to tea mugs.

These two were bargain finds,
and are cheery all on their own.

A scoop of spearmint and a scoop of peppermint...

A good magazine to help one dream of summer gardens!

a bit of local honey....yum.

garden dreaming...

I wouldn't mind staying at this cottage!

or up in that room above the hollyhocks...

Tea brings moments of respite,
and silly 

Mugs with such lovely images really do
spark my imagination!

Thank you for stopping by for tea today : )
I love that you did!

I wish you all a good day!

Martha has the linky for Tea Cup Tuesday
I will be heading over to visit her and 
see what gorgeous china she shares.
Thank you Martha!   

I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home,
and Bernideen's for BTTCG
hoping to be able to link to more if I can... 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Quiet Tea

Hello All!
It is time for tea once again.

 January has been very interesting,
with wild weather and cozy dark days. 

I hope those of you that were in the storms path
are all safe and warm.

Today the sun came out and all 
the icicles were dripping sparkling water.

These days are good for reading...
A vintage find I have re discovered, 
was an entertaining companion 
on a chilly afternoon.  

The title was certainly apropos!
 Two days a storm has kept us indoors.

A surprise awaited within the pages,
a small card with a name....

Sitting down with a warm cup of oatstraw tea,
I opened the book once again to see
what kind of story it contained,
and found it was a collection.  

I wondered about the card,
did it belong to the owner of the book?
  I checked the front inside cover 
and, yes, there was a signature!
 It is hard to read though,
maybe Allie Werkman?

It is much easier to read the card...
Ivan Epperson.
Such handsome script!

Did Ivan give Allie the card? 
Did she allow him to call on her?
Maybe they married...
Maybe they were never able to 
satisfy their longing for each other
but remained true in their hearts...
from a distance? 

 This book is a collection of poems by 
It is named Snow-Bound
but contains several other poems 
as well as a very long preface.

Snow-Bound was very well accepted
when published in 1866.
It is a narrative poem
about a week during which 
he and his family were snowed in
due to a 3 day storm. 
John earned $10,000.
 John was surprised.
Imagine that for a 
narrative poem in 1866!
I will admit I had not heard of him before.
Have any of you?
He fought very hard to abolish slavery.
 "Unwarmed by any sunset light
The gray day darkened into night,
A night made hoary with the swarm
And whirl-dance of the blinding storm,
 As zigzag wavering to and fro
Crossed and recrossed the winged snow:
And ere the early bed-time came
The white drift piled the window frame,
And through the glass the clothes-line posts
Looked in like tall and sheeted ghosts."
(a sampling of Snow-Bound)

The lovely cup that I sipped from?
A beautiful filigree Collingwood cup. 

This is one of my all time favorite
winter tea cups. 

Thank you for visiting!
Martha has the linky to 
Tea Cup Tuesday,
and I am on my way over to visit her.
Thank you Martha! 
I am joining Ruth Sandi  for tea,
and Judith for Mosaic Monday.
Thank  you for hosting ladies!

Wishing you all,
where ever you are,
the best week possible. 



Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcoming Tea

Hello All!
Here it is already the 11th of January!

I welcome in this new year
as well as welcome all the good
that may come with it.

A warm cup of tea is a lovely way to welcome the coming days...

This thistle tea cup is holding nutritive plantain tea. 
Do any of you drink plantain tea? 
Once a week or so I enjoy this herb...
Plantago Major L
To me it tastes very earthy,
and I have acquired a taste for it.

 Earlier this past year I made this house on a round box.
I used some scrap paper to cover the base,
and it is topped with a doily.

The house is made from scrap cardstock 
and bits of flat toothpicks and twigs.
There is a light inside too.

Creating this was very enjoyable.
I had that little reindeer for a long while,
and he finally has a home.

May this year bring creative moments
that feed the soul.

I have not chosen a word yet for this year,
have you?

Nor have I set any resolutions...

If I have a goal it would be to experience the 
present moment more often each day...

 Thank you Martha, 
for hosting Teacup Tuesday when you can! 
Thank you also Sandi, Bernideen, and 
Ruth hosting their lovely tea parties. 
Thank you so much for visiting!

Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year, New Chances

Hello All!

Happy New Year! 

Thank you for all the 
warm holiday wishes : )

It is already 4 days into 2016
How is it going for you so far?

We had a cozy yet unusual 
Christmas for a number of reasons.
One being quite warm weather,
mid 70s!
mixed with torrential rains.

It cooled off by New Year
and today we had flurries...

But we managed to keep up our cheer
no matter what the climate.

There are so very many reasons to be thankful.
So many reasons to LOVE

Tea, chai, herbs and spices and festive mugs
helped us feel more like it was a winter holiday.

 This mug looks as if came out of a 1950 dime store .
 She is sitting on a sweet little crochet hot pad 
someone made long ago.

Speaking of long ago...once in a while
my grandmother would give us each a dollar
and take us to the dimestore to spend it.
That was an exciting day for us! lol.
Do you remember the dime store?

Chai always warms you up from the inside out.
honey and tea...
simply delicious.  

It even warms the heart.

Wishing YOU and the entire world
Peace and Joy...

each country
 each city
 each family
each person.

I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,
and Judith for Mosaic Monday.
Thank  you for hosting ladies!

Thank you for visiting!

Oh btw..
This year I am excited to be 
joining Misty Mawn in her class

Misty Mawn is one of my favorite artists
and I was thrilled to find that again 
this year she is offering class!
All her classes are so very creative and
explore so many mediums. 
She even shares creative cooking. 
Yum all around.
: )

Do you have creative plans for 2016?


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jane Austen's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jane!

Jane was born on this date in 1775.
Her writings give us insight 
into a world we will never visit in person...
but delight to visit over and over
 through her words.

I could not choose a favorite of 
Jane's stories...

Thank you Jane.
Thank you for your life 
and for sharing your 
wonderful stories 
with all of us!

You may have seen
a Jane themed Christmas tree
 I had fun making two years ago.
I add to it each year. 

I thought I might offer a 
Jane themed craft in honor 
of her birthday...

to see post about Jane
and the tree.

Here is one of the first ornaments 
I made about Jane,
and some instructions
in case you are interested.

Winter Blessings

I tried to recreate it as best I could.
I didn't' have all the same supplies.

 1 cardstock strip 1 1/2" x 12"

Score it at 

Fold on scored lines 
and glue the ends.

punch two holes at top,
usually opposite of seam.

Lay in small hoop
or anything close to 3"

Press it down,
(you might need a weight to keep it down)

 Give it some glue in the center
to begin to coax it to stay.

put a weight on while you 
get the other pieces ready.

Jane image:
2" vertically and 
1 1/2" wide.
(I  Googled "Jane cameo images" )

Circle to frame the cameo
approx. 2 1/2".
adhere silver glitter to it.
 (This circle here has a scalloped edge)

Use a piece of script 
for a 2 1/2" circle on the back. 
I used a print of a letter Jane wrote
I found a Jane cameo
stamp to put on the back.

 Here is the front with all
three layers front,
and two layers back.

Adhere them in place.

 Add some glittered snowflakes,
pull ribbon though holes at top
and make a loop with knot.
Choose a saying and 
create a banner with the sentiment.

I really snowed this one up as my edges
were not totally symmetrical ; 0

This is the back.
The original one has a 
silver glitter fan back. 

 The original is on the right.
Deck the Halls is new today : )

Thank you for stopping by today : )
I know how busy we all are.

Winter blessings!
Happy Birthday to Jane
And Happy Birthday to my
youngest son!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Tea time is restful time.
This time of year it can be a festive time!
Tea can take on a merrier theme.

  (as I sat down my tea tray I noticed a visitor coming to join in...)

The Christmas holiday to me
is about being with and appreciating those you love
and care for...

to take a moment and honor loving relationships...
 being thankful for hope and love.

It is a time to share, to give.
It is a time to be thankful for the Earth
and all she has blessed us with all year.

It is a time of year to have fun,
and even if you are not a child,
to let go and play. 
: )

A serene cup of tea for balance...
Chamomile, peppermint, spearmint and plantain.

(Besty soon joined in as tea is one of her favorite treats)

A very pretty frosty cup...
(a favorite I have shared many times)
her swirls remind me
of wintry weather. 

simply festive,
and cheery.

...and speaking of festive and cheery...
remember this hut I shared a while back,
I said I would show you more later?

Here is the tree lot a little further along...

 and almost done...
this tree lot needs a sign.

I had only just arrived to take pictures
when it began to snow! 
; )

the workers managed to get the sign up
before the storm really hit.
(and the lights went out!)
; )

Snow Valley is open for business,
and Santa is waiting to 
greet you.

there is a good selection of trees this year.

the snow really began to fall in ernest!

The wreaths are only $5!

This is my kind of play!

Thank you for visiting for tea today!

If you are celebrating this month
I am wishing for you good times
with family and friends!  

Sending you all warm hugs of LOVE

I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,
and Judith for Mosaic Monday.
Thank  you for hosting ladies!

Martha has posted Tea Cup Tuesday 290!
Yay Martha!
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